Tiger Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Talking about the animal zentai costumes, the most popular should be the leopard suits, but the one I love most, is the tiger lycra spandex zentai suits,for two reasons: 1)I love the dark brown dominated camouflage which looks unique when wear; 2)The tiger zentai outfits could look great if coming with the round ears and long tail. Also it's suitable to wear for both man and woman.

Why I suddenly mention this? Because I have seen a 3D Mehndi of a beautiful tiger, composed by three girls encased on the hoodless flesh color zentai suits.It's a giant and beautiful tiger. If you ask me what is Mehndi, it's a kind of paint on the skin which was popular in South Asian countries. It's temporary, and the painting often goes off within a month naturally. This 3D tiger is painted on skin-tight zentai, rather than on the skin directly, and looks very spectacular. Share a photo here.
Giant Tiger Painted on Flesh Lycra Zentai Suits

Could You See How this Tiger Head is Composed? There's skin-tight outfits involved.
This is cool, but seems taking too much trouble. Do a comparision here, and tell me which you love better:
Tiger Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit with Ears and Tail
The Tiger Paintings:
1)Look cool, realistic, with beautiful green eyes
2)Need professional skills to paint
3)High expense

The animal zentai outfits:
1)Look cute, and skin tight, so your bodyline could be fully display
2)Easy to get, and repeative usage is no problem at all
3)Cheap price
4)No the style of the real tiger's beauty

Which would you pick?

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White Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

I don't often get white color costumes, not because I don't like the color, but because of the same old reason, you know, I am lazy and white zentai suits are easy to get spoiled, so I need to become the "washer". Later after I tried to wash one old zentai outfit in washing machine, I found it doable, as the suit's not infected, and the color's not going off either. So slowly I begin to free myself out from hand wash. Only need to be careful to to keep the suits separated from costumes with Velcro, or too heavy items. Also the costumes with color off will need to be selected out too.

Today I have seen a beautiful white zentai suit, with the colorful light shimmer. It's hard to describe and please see the photos below. Beautiful, isn't it?

Sleep Beauty - White Spandex Zentai Suit

White Zentai Costume with Slight Colorful Reflection
The only pity is the material's not lycra, seems. That means no wash and no often wear for me. I still prefer lycra ones.

White Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Avatar Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

After the first show of the movie Avatar, it becomes one of my focus when read news. Recently, there are finally articles about it: there's new studio rented for the next two Avatar, at Manhattan Beach. There's still a long wait before the movies show in cinemas. That's how things are running: attract you and keep it in your sight, and when it's finally ready, we could spend money for the tickets.

Avatar has created a fashion, not only at the cosplay of Avatar characters, or the avatar lycra spandex zentai suits. Right now when there are art works following the style of the movie, you could always find this word in the stories. Recently there's a 3D street painting at down town, held by a business to attract attentions, and the news' saying: Avatar Style Street Painting showing in the town. I have grabbed it when check the news for the movie.

Avatar Style 3D Street Painting

Afterall, I still love the elegant weapons, beautiful scenes, and most of all, I love the avatar costumes.  I love the blue dark bluee horizontal lines, and the female wig for it. 

Avatar Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume
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Unicolor Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

After seeing so many artistic photos about zentai suits, most in different colors, camouflage, or with unique accessories, although I really enjoy to see these photos, I have to say, it's not really practical to wear these in daily life. The first issue, should be where to find them. For example, in marcy anarcy's photos, most suits are coming with the unique camouflage, and because I fell in love with a purple suit, I ever spent time to find them in stores, and the answer's no. I guess their suits are specially tailored. To get a similar one, I could only find the cloth then hire the stores to tailor for me. I did this once. This enlarges my backup choices as there are always more different cloths than ready made suits. However, this solution cost too much extra time and money. When I got the suit, it becomes the unique and original one, and I am happy for it. But I didn't get much chance to do it again, as I don' t have so much time to search for cloth. So this is only considered if a special suit is needed for special occassions.

The second issue, lies on the accessories, such as the chains, unbelievably high heel shoes, which look great, and could add in special flavor for your suit, but will definately make you feel comfortable. This is for art and I totally understand, but if used for daily wear, it's totally against the original reason for me to fall in love with zentai suits: the comfortable feeling when suited up, just as if in the smooth second skin.

So unicolor lycra spandex zentai suits, cheap price(I could get one easily at around 30 bucks online, plus shipping fee it won't be more than 50 bucks), soft and elastic, easy to wash, are still taking the mainstream of suits in my closet.

Although I would still get the strong desire for these suits, when I see their photos, but I slowly calm down, and keep these photos more for enjoyment. Ok, share a black white leopard lycra zentai suit here.
Black White Leopard Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit


Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Today I have seen a cool green lycra spandex zentai suit photo. Sorry it's from a blog and the blog owner said it's not his either, but not sure where it's from. If the source is clear, I will add in the credit for it. I feel it artistic for how the facial part done. Seems there's a blue color mask worn, and I can't figure out how the round balls for the fingertips coming. I guess it's light green plastic balls. The color's great too.I wonder whether I could add some interesting accessories to my new light green suit too.
Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
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Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Yesterday after back from grocery store, I got some leisure time for myself. So I wanted to have a try of the new green lycra suit I got. From the hand touch, the cloth material is very soft and thin, suitable for the hot weather. Also I love the light green color, bringing me a kind of fresh feeling.

So I took a shower then did the change. The suit fit great. I am very happy. After walking around a little bit in the room, I was tired and took a short nap. While I was still in beautiful dream, one of my friends visited and knocked at the door. I was still sleepy and unclear, so I stepped forward and opened the door, walking back to bathroom. It’s when I stood before the mirror I suddenly realized I was still in the suit, just with the hood off. My friend’s surprised, then asked me what it is. I told him, and that’s it. He said it’s cool, without any more comments. I guess he’s curious, but not sure whether it’s ok to ask more. I may send him some photos about this later, if he’s interested.

Will share the photos later. Now attach a product photo first.
Fresh Green Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

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Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Today is a rainy day here, with the clouds over the grey sky. First day for the week, and we formally moved to a new office, a small one floor house in an apartment, with a big garden at the back. After lunch I went to the garden and it’s really a quiet place, with many grown up trees. The vivid and fresh leaves just spread out at the branches. It’s a good place to take some photos. I may bring my zentai outfit secretly and see whether there’s any chance later.

Purple is one of the most elegant color. When I was browsing around on internet, it suddenly occurred to me that so much loving the purple costumes, I don’t have a purple zentai suit yet. So I browsed around, and found some suits may worth a try. Unicolor and lycra tailored suits are my big rule for zentai selection, as they are easy to take care of – I could wash them in my washing machine, and I could sleep in a suit – so these ones I have selected are following the same rule here. For the color, I don’t really have any objection to camouflage or multi-color suits. I have a black white irregular spots suit, and it’s cool. It’s just for camouflage, I am more picky. 
Purple Unicolor Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit  $26.99
Cheongsam Style Purple Lycra Zentai Costume  $54.99
Velour Purple Full Body Zentai Suits   $30.99
 The second zentai costume is very interesting, especially the hair made by lycra. I think it would be cool to wear for a party, or do some photo shots. And the third suit is the perfect purple color I want. It's by velour, rather than lycra. Seems the difference is velour is thinner, and half transparent.


Friend's Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Share a friend's photos in his purple lycra spandex zentai suits. It's an unicolor suit and he ordered custom size and it's very good.
Interesting Pose

Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
 It's the same color suit as the one here:
Purple Lycra Zentai Outfit
The suit's tailored by lycra, so it's highly elastic, and the material is soft. It's easy to wash the suit too, as you could do it in washing machine, using the gentle wash mode.


My Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

I have shared some random shots, of the earlier post about the black suit, I wanna share more photos, of myself encased in the suit, and wear other accessories.

Silent Girl

This is an interesting combination, shot for fun, of the black shadow man, in zentai suits, dress and hat.

Black Purple Zentai Dream

Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

The suit's bought online shop at cheap price. It surprised me that the quality's better than I thought. I was only with the idea of taking a try, and if it doesn't work out, I won't lose much either. A good little pleasure for the day. And the straw hat's bought long ago, on a sunny day. Right now it seems a good accessory. Next time I will try some other costumes and accessories, and see how far I could go. 

Pink Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Share a photo by local zentai suits follower, Xero, who's doing great at the art of zentai. There are also a lot of accessories in the works, such as sthe chains, waist belt, boots. This photo is one from her collection of the "Pink Charming". Encased in a pink lycra spandex zentai suit, then wrap the whole body into a transparent plastic cloth, creating a shimmer effect. There's neck belt, black color, and the white color mask with eye holes. Together this is a unique shot.

Pink Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit by Xero
Although this seems fun, please be careful if you want to follow, as the play with the plastic, be careful to always show your nose and mouth out of it. In the picture, the hood's not covered by the plastic, but just the lycra suit.

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Friend's Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Different from Marcy Anarcy's purple zentai suits photos, this group of purple suit photos are by a local zentai lover Xera, and the focus, is on the beautiful use of accessories, and the good photo taking skills to use the light. The dark purple color's shown only at very specific angle of the suit, and at other parts, because of the deep color and light, it looks almost like black. There's black bustier used to tighten the waistline, and the red thigh high boots, have created a vivid contrast with the suit.

Dark Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Red High Boots Create Sharp Contrast with Purple Zentai Suit


Flags Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits (2)

In this post I will continue with a few other styles flags lycra spandex zentai suits. As the name suggests, all these suits are tailored by lycra cloth material, and designed with the flags camouflage elements, or flags motif. After American, England, Scotland and Australia flags zentai outfits, the next coming is Cote D'ivoire flage suit. It's also composed of three colors, white in the middle, covering from hood to chest to feet, and the left is green, right is orange color.

Cote D'ivoire Flag Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Next comes the Canada flage full body zentai costume, and when talking about this flag, we know for sure that the maple leaf is necessary. This design has placed the maple image at central of the front chest of the suit, backgrounded by white color, and the two sides are covered by same red.

Canada Flag Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

Germany Flag Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfits
The design for Germany flag motif zentai costume, is featuring for three large blocks of colors, horizontally divide the suit into three parts: hood and chest by black, lower chest by red, and two legs by yellow. Next, also the last of this collection, is the zentai suits themed at Scotland flag, with all suit by the bright blue color, and a bold white cross at the front chest.

Lycra Full Body Scotland Flag Zentai Suit

I love this series of flags themed zentai suits. They are all tailored by highly elastic lycra cloth, and sold all at 32.99USD only, very worthwhile.


Flags Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits (1)

It's really something interesting, to embed the flags camouflage and image patterns, into the zentai suits. Unlike other daily wear, which is confined by the styles, the print area is often limited, the flags could have the most freedom, when combine with zentai suits. Also the images could be changed and updated, creating various versions, and sometimes they are only drawing one element from the flags, such as the stars, white wide belts, and together there comes the creative flags motif morphsuits. This post is about the flags lycra spandex zentai suits which I have collected.I will probably buy them for holiday parties later this year, as it's creative to dig them out, and fresh people's eyes when it's all about spiderman everywhere.

Full Body Lycra Spandex America Flag Zentai Suit 

The first comes a zentai costume by the red and white wide horizontal belts all over the body, except the left hand sleeve is the royal blue color, decorated by white stars, very simple yet creative design.  

The second suit is dominated by blue color, with random sizes white seven angles white stars, irregularly located over the chest of the suit, and the Austrian flag motif is also shown at the left sleeve design. 

This is England Flag camouflage lycra zentai suit, dominated by white color all over the suit, with the bold red cross stretching from the head to end of the chest. 

This full body lycra spandex zentai suit is themed at the France flag motif, with the suit average covered by three colors, white in the middle, blue on left and red on right side. It's very creative and when encased in the suit and both hands stretch out, you will see the two hands in two colors. 

To be continued at next post. 

Photos of My Own Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

With so long time in zentai field, I began my first suit with a black suit, and now I got my second black lycra spandex zentai suit, ordered at an online shop trustedeal, as they are always helpful and cooperative. Their delivery speed often takes about 2 weeks, a little bit slow, so whenever I need something quicker than that, I will discuss with them and they always try to meet my expectation. Of course if you are in a rush shorter than 10 days, I don't suggest you to buy from them.

I ordered the black suit together with a grass green one, and after ripping off the package by UPS, this is how they looks. No real package, but considering the price, I need to drop it off. Lucky it's what inside more important.
Zentai Suits and Their Rough Package
The suit's a little bit big. I am the tall and thin type. I guess custom order will give me better result. I was just too lazy when I placed the order. Overall I am still very happy with the suit. Share with you a few photos here.
Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Black Full Body Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfit
Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume


Red Dominated Superhero Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits(2)

In the post earlier, I have contained some red dominated superhero lycra spandex zentai suits, and here's the rest. Some of the previous ones I introduced are lycra spandex as main cloth, but also with the shiny metallic material to show the glitter effects. The following suit is by red and white color, with the belt black eyes area, and tailored all by lycra, good elasticity, with diamonds as camouflage.
Red White Lycra Spandex Superhero Zentai Suits   $39.99
Red Orange Supergirl Lycra Spandex Zentai Costume   $35.99
This costume's modeled by woman, as the sliding white belts could create a more fluid feeling for the bodyline. The upper left side is by orange color, and the whole suit's by lycra material.
Red Green A Man Lycra Zentai Outfits   $33.99
Just as the name shows, there's letter A and gold belts at front red chest of the sit, and the legs, arms are by green color decorated of black socks and white arm. It's one superhero suit with most colors in this collection.

Red White Lycra Spandex Superhero Zentai    $34.99

Last in the list, ths suit's red with the fan-like camouflage at front chest, white gloves and socks and cool hood.

End of the list.


Captain America Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Captain America, does this sound familiar to you? Just like spiderman, he's one of the huge superheros group in manga, a fictional figure, while still represent the most sincere desire from human beings for heroes. It's created to with the patrioticism and Captain is the most popular comic figure during the wartime. Right now probably not many people mention him in daily life. Bearing that flavor, Captain's costume is designed with American flag motif, and armed with a sheild which is his weapon when thrown out.

This just comes to my mind when I have a Captain America lycra spandex zentai suit, and it's cool sometimes to look back and check out the old stuffs, in a world where new things just keep popping out at an unbelivably fast speed. Attached below is the costume's photo, with that signal white star at front chest, red and black colors belts on blue, and the hood's really quite interesting, with the letter A printed on.

Captain America Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfit
It's sold only at $36.99, not a bad price compared with other lycra multi-color superhero suits. I love it.


Sunburn Dark Brown Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Brown is one of the dark colors for zentai suits, and I don't have too much passion for it except as base suit for some fun, but just came across two photos by aurora which is the sunburn dark brown lycra spandex zentai suits, and look terrific. From the photos, the suits look smooth just like the skin, and very stylish, with charm and glamor.

Dark Brown Lycra Spandex Zentai Outfit

Dark Brown Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Really beautiful and artistic.


Male Orange Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

There was a post earlier, of photos by my friend, encased in orange lycra spandex zentai suits, I have got one more orange suit photo, by a friend taken in bathroom - full body zentai, and I like the color. Attached here as a log of my collection of lycra suits.
orange lycra spandex zentai suits
Because this has reminds me of my desire for the orange suits, as for daily wear orange is also one of my favourite color, I have found that there are also spiderman costumes in orange color, in case you are interested, it's pasted below.
Orange Black Lycra Spandex Spiderman Costume
Except the orange base color, the suit's almost exactly the same as the original spiderman suits, with the black webs and spiders, and same white tulle tailored eye holes. Below is another superhero costume I found with orange as main color, decorated by white diamonds at front chest, waist belt and legs. Really fun.
Orange White Lycra Spandex Superhero Outfits
But overall, I still love the unicolor orange lycra spandex suits most, and the price's best too. With one color in suit, I could easily add in more costume items and accessories for pleasure. And although one color, they are always my favourite when I want to pick one to wear while sleep. And the unicolor suits are often the lowest price.(OK, I admit, it's important reason for me.)
Orange Unicolor Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits


Red Dominated Superhero Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

As the long history and culture about superheros born from our sincere desire and admire of power and strength, the skin-tight superhero garments have different designs and many classics have shown in media, manga and movies, and become an important part of the zentai suits. Share a collection of some red dominated superhero lycra spandex zentai suits here, for your easy find if you are interested in this type of costumes. The first costume comes with the red color, and whie V shape belt at chest and waistband, white gloves, and square at head, with the open wide square eyes area.

Red White Lycra Spandex Superhero Zentai Suit   $36.99
Red Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits    $35.99
This red suit's decorated by black lines besides the waist, and on arms and legs. Because of the black color, this suit could make you look a little bit thinner. However, not sure why, I always feel this suit's very cute. Maybe because of the round white color eye shapes, surrounded by black color.
Red Black Yellow Superhero Zentai Suit with Cloak   $34.99
This suit is the same red dominated color, with black belts, but there's one more line of yellow, and compared with other zentai outfits, it comes a short cloak.

Red Gold Lycra Spandex Spiderman Costume   $39.99
From the photo you could see at a brief glance it's a red color spidey costume, cute interesting golden shiny spider and eyes.

Red Gold Lycra Spandex Superhero Zentai Suit  $39.99

I love the electronic like sign at the chest of this red superhero costume, tailored by lycra spandex, but the gold color seems is by shiny metallic material.

To be continued...