Leopard Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Leopard camouflage tights, or catsuits(without the hood) are always one of the most favourite, or one of the classics, among the different kinds of zentai suits. I have digged out a new leopard lycra spandex zentai suit today, and compared with previous collections, I really love this one's design. So I can't wait to share it here at my blog. Let's see the photo first.

Leopard Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
The spots on this suit is irregular shape, while much bigger, looking quite modern and fashionable. The suit is designed with the hood, so it's full coverage, while you could customize it by removing the neck, adding a zipper vertically at front,it could turn into a perfect leopard catsuit, a halloween costume at around $40 only, while looking so unique. Could you find a better suit among this group?


Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

I love zentai, but no one asked, including myself, how much I could love it? Well, I have to admit, at least a friend of mine, is much more pssionate on it than mine. Why? She has got a blue lycra spandex zentai suit, then add in the accessories, such as the silver wig, red waistband, dark blue shorts, black boots and most of all, a sword as the accessory, and turn herself into a superheroine, with the combination of western culture and oriental traditions(sword and fan).

Besides these, she has found a place full of bamboo, and following the scenes from TV shows, plan to take a video called Zentai Superheroine, at this place.Let's share a photo first.

Female Superheroine Costume by Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
This costume looks not bad - at least I know it's the supergirl style at first sight. I think the boots could be improved, by a more shiny and knee high boots at dark blue or bright red color, the overall appearance will be more cool.
Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Could you believe that the above superheroine costume, is only created by this simple unicolor blue lycra zentai costume? There's not much extra cost either, as other accessories, you could almost find from your clothes wardrobe already.

Maybe we all should learn from her, and we could definitely get the most unique while cheap halloween costumes.


Black Lycra Spandex Catsuits for Halloween

I have met a very interesting interview, when I am searching for a part-time job at evening. I had the idea because I wanted to make some extra money for the travel in winter. I could get my annual holiday then. This job I am applying for is also mascot and zentai suits related, a customer support for a shop.

The writing interview composed of many strange questions, and one is like this: You drove past a bus station late at midnight, and there were three people waiting for the bus. One's an old grandpa who was seriously ill, one was a doctor who saved your life before, and the last's your dream lover. You could only take one with the car, what would you do? I didn't come up with a perfect idea, then after finished, I asked out of curiosity. The best solution by now, is to give the key to doctor and ask him drove the grandpa to hospital, and I stayed with the lover waiting for the bus.

I didn't get this because my logic's confined about how I could get all of them. Change an angle, everything changes.

Back to the topic, today I want to share a turtle neck catsuit, composed of black and sky-blue color.
1)Custom size and standard sizes both available.
2)You could change the color if you wish.
3)Other features available upon request.
This catsuit comes with a superhero style, and together with the black color, it's the bright yellow and skyblue. Don't miss it if you are looking for a catsuit for halloween costumes.
Turtle Neck Black Blue Lycra Spandex Catsuit

There are several ways to call zentai suits, include morphsuits, catsuits, tights, unitards, which one's your favourite?


Red Black Spandex Zentai Suit

Today I have got the complaints from a friend, who bought a zentai suit from Morphsuit, and the suit's great, except that there's a huge word of the company's name, painted at the hip of the costume. It was ironic to see this, thinking from my friend's standpoint, because the goods she has bought, are still promoting for its original seller. She might not notice this when placed the order. That's actually one main reason I don't buy from them.

She asked whether there's anyway to erase the words off, but seems the answer is the cruel No at this point. Shopping online, we need to be more careful with details. On the other hand, shopping online often saves the cost, while we need to be more tolerable with the final products. Most products will be fine.

Today's zentai star, is a red black spandex zentai suit. These two colors have shown in irregular shapes strips, and the suit overall looks very fashionable.

Red Black Irregular Straps Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits
Skin-Tight Costumes Catsuit of Black and Red Color - New Style
Please don't miss this new style camouflage spandex zentai outfit, if you are looking for a catsuit, or skin-tight costumes, as part of your halloween costumes.


Daily Skin-Tight Costumes

Except in sports, seems the skin-tight costumes in daily life, are mostly for women. They could best show the beautiful bodyline. The interesting thing is, some movie stars, if get the rumor that they are pregnant, could also show in public places wearing the tight costumes, to show that they are not. So beginning of the new week, share some beautiful tight outfits worn by female.

Black Skin-Tight Costumes of Top and Skirt with Colorful Trim

Red Skin-Tight Dress
I pasted these two photos, because my friend's on a campaign to lose weight, and become slender enought to join the local dance team of the community. I hope she could use these two women as models, and keep her works, and reach the final goal in planned time.


Red Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

When Red and Purple Standing Together...

Autumn's coming and many green trees, which look just common and usual in spring and summer, have brought me the tiny delicate little flowers, with great light flavors. Last night, I woke up at middle night after a dream, the sweet air just float me in the room. I never imagined that they could spread so far, at the quiet night. So this become one of my hobbies, to say hello to every blossom tree on my way walking to the office. I could never find that, if I am in a sealed car.

Today the zentai suits I want to share, are back to the original while classic unicolor bodysuit, rather than multi-color ones. Because on the photo there are actually two models, two suits. When they are standing together, it's another kind of beauty.
Unicolor Lycra Spandex Zentai Bodysuit

Wearing morphsuits together with friends, then do a short performance will be fun too.

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Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

As the fashion develops, more and more people have worn the morphsuits and zentai suits in public, for performance. If you have noticed, kigurumi art is also closely related with the skin-tight costumes, and different from most entertainers, who wear the zentai bodysuit as base only, then wear general clothes outside, the most simple kigurumi, could be like this: purple lycra spandex zentai suits, with very tiny jewelry, that's it! I think besides: I love kigurumi, it could also be marked as: I love zentai suits.

Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit with Hat and Accessories
The light is very dark for this photo. I think with the proper lightening, it's more close to something like this.
Purple Lycra Silk Spandex Zentai Suit
Purple is an elegant while classic color.

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Batman Superhero Costume - Skin-Tight Bodysuits

The batman costume is known by me first from the movies, but today the appearance is created by three artists, using three months, based on the game Batman Arkham City, and the expense, could be one of the most expensive costume I know for this Halloween, at the total cost of 620k us dollars.

Let alone the cost, I have to say the costume is really great, with the most realistic helmets and every detail is taken care of. Encased in a costume like this, anyone could be the superhero, just as in the game. Share a couple of photos here.
Realistic High Expense Batman Costume

Overall Look of Batman in This Full Equipped Csotume

Compared with the skycraper price, I still love the reasonable shiny metallic or lycra spandex batman costume. Although they don't look so marvelous, but they are light, suitable to be worn.
Black Shiny Metallic Batman Costume with Gold and Blue Camouflage
Intersting cloak and waistbelt camouflage for the batman costume.
Black Shiny Metallic Batman Costume with Red Cloak
Do you still have passion for batman, the unique superhero, just like me?


Smile Face Grey Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Today is a leisure day and a lazy weekend. I have spent a lot of time refresh my memory with the snacks, which I have been familiar since childhood, then reading a novel at a bench in the park the whole afternoon. The only pity is I don't have a dog with me. Really love them, but I am not getting good enough condition to take care of any pets yet.

At earlier post I have listed some frequently used features to customize a zentai suit, and here are more. One of a very interesting accessory to employ, is zipper. The zentai outfits come with a vertical zipper at back, and you could add in more zippers:

1)Mouth zipper - it's interesting the unzip then enjoy some drinks.
2)Chest zippers - Sometimes we could create fun visual effects using this, by wearing something very interesting inside, then a zentai bodysuit outside. With the chest zipper unzipped, you may see a big tiger head popping out from your friend's chest.
3)Crotch zipper - for convenience

Today's star is a smile face grey lycra spandex zentai suit, in superhero style. Why do I call it smile face? There's a bright yellow bold circle at front chest, and looking from far aside, as if a big smiley face. I really love it.
Grey and Blue Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
This costume comes with a dark grey main color, while the socks, gloves and hood are bright blue, creating sharp contrast with the front chest yellow camouflage.I think it could make a great halloween costume too.


Red Black Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Bodysuits

I have collected many different zentai suits, mostly full coverage(great binding with the primary principle of this fashion), actually there are also different holes and zippers, plus other accessories, to customize the zentai costumes, and make them look more fun. Based on that, there are also a list of the custom features, which you could select from.

1)No hood - so you could keep the suit turtle neck and expose the head in the air.
2)Removable hood - This is for the easiness to put on the hood and become fully encased, and remove hood and enjoy the fresh air. Generally, the hood and the neck part has an overlap when worn together.
3)Open eyes and mouth - If you ever have the concerns about how to see after wearing zentai suit as I did, you could try to get it with eye holes. With mouth hole so we could also drink coke while playing the morph man.

There are some others more, which will be listed at the post later.

Talking so much, I just want to say the zentai suits also come without hood sometimes. Today's recommendation, is a red black camouflage lycra spandex zentai bodysuit, designed originally without the hood, turtle neck.

Red Black Camouflage Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
This superhero style multi-color zentai suit is composed of red and black color, and the line at chest is very interesting. I hope you like it :)


Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit

In the city, we have a kind of special food called hot pot. It's getting a big pot of soup, then cook the meat and vegetables at the desk. Under the pot there's fire, to keep the soup boiling. The soup has different flavors, spicey ones, or light ones. Recently the economy's slow but seems all hot pot owners have made an agreement, because the price's raised. So I have made a hot pot at home, by myself. It's a great dinner, and we all have had the vegetables we love. This reminds me of the school days, when my roommates and me cooked porridges using a very small electronic pot, at the small kitchen.

Talking about the traditional food, I want to share a purple lycra spandex zentai suit with a flavor back to years ago too. Besides the general full body coverage suit, there's a knee length skirt, tailoring seamlessly with the suit itself. Just as the model shows, with a wig we could make a sweet lady appearance.
Purple Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit with Dress
The most interesting phrase I have found today: 1:58 to 2:02 (Read like this: Two to two to two two)


Unicolor Shiny Metallic Gloves - Zentai Accessories

Compared with the full body zentai suits, the zentai accessories, such as the gloves, stockings, and hood, could also add in special flavor in the general costumes, to create special appearance. To realize the visual effects, most arm-length gloves are tailored by shiny metallic materails, mostly unicolor.

Share some bright colors shiny metallic gloves today.
Green Arm-Length Shiny Metallic Gloves
Mysterious Purple Shiny Gloves
Aqua Blue Shiny Metallic Gloves at Arm-Length
The gloves, same as stockings, are sold mostly at average size. You could require the custom tailor too, and for that, the key measures involved are: upper arm circumference and length from arm to fingertip.

Today's fun: watched the Japanese detective comic: The Case Closed. I have to admit, their comics are mostly very excellent.


Gold Brown Pots Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Last weekend I attended a trainning class with a friend, which is named "The Most Magnificent 24 Classes". The purpose of the trainning, is to discover the buried huge power of human body, encourage and make use of them, to help do the business better. I am not registered yes, and last weekend was only a free public class, to let me decide whether I want to join.

At the class when the trainer asked me what I love, I almost wanted to say zentai suits, but I realized he just wanted something which could allow him to talk more, about the advantages if we could do business and do it well, so it wouldn't work, because I am not rich at all now, while I could afford my hobby based on the salary.

I haven't decided yet, but it's hard for me to put the purpuit of money as a main goal of my life, or as the primary point whenever I make any plans. So I probably won't attend it.
Gold Brown Lycra Spandex Bodysuit with Black Dots
Today's star is new style gold brown pots lycra spandex zentai suits. It's composed of several gradient colors, from gold to light brown, to the black tiny pots. Besides the irregular located spots, the gold colors are also composed of bold blocks and decorate the suit at a random way. As a camouflage lycra bodysuit, it's looking very fashionable. The price is $35.99 while the custom tailor is available for free as always.


Unique Black Zentai Suit for Holiday

Friday's coming and this reminds me of a emoticon, which has fully depicted the general mood changes from Monday to Sunday, using the smile and crying faces. My Dad's birthday is coming and this weekend I plan to go pick something as gift. Tomorrow I have a trial lesson from trainning school, about how to use subconscious power in our body and mind, to change our life. OK, I know this sounds very superstitious, but it doesn't hurt to have a try. My friend joined other program from them, and she invited me to go.

Today I have found another black dominated zentai suit, with very tiny and delicate round dots on the surface. Overall the suit looks just cool, while it's not so boring as the unicolor suit.Another great choice for holiday costumes.
Black Dominated Zentai Suit with Slight Tiny Pots on Surface
Different from most oher zentai suits which cover the full body, this suit's designed skin-tight costume, with a turtle neck and without socks, so the head is not covered. If you wish, they could also add in the hood and socks, as a kind of custom tailor service.


Fashionable Black White Lycra Zentai Suits

My parents have visited me and lived here for several months. We have got along with each other very well: love's there, and we also find the ways to communicate with each other, to share the stories and lessons from life. Although we are two generations and some opinions are very different, we do value the sincere love between families. Yesterday they left as planned, because my older sister just has a cute boy, and they wanted to spend some time with their grandson :) So I bought the tickets for them, and also prepared gifts for them, and other family members. We are really a big family! I bought a whole set of new ancient style coat and trousers for mom, and she seems really like it.

That's why I didn't come online after work yesterday to update the blog, which also means today I should become much more talkative :)

Today's stars, are a couple of black white lycra zentai suits, fashionable and new style. I ever collected some other black/white camouflage morphsuits, and I think they are classic for sure: no matter for collection of zentai, buy zentai outfits for photography, party costumes, they could be choices in the list.
Black White Horizontal Straps Lycra Zentai Suit
Classic Black Blocks Lycra Zentai Suit with White Lines
Compared with the first suit, this one is composed of bold blocks, looking very brief while unique. The next suit comes is in the same series, while more tiny and regular lines, a sweet polka dots lycra zentai suit.
Classic Colors Polka Dots Zentai Suits by Lycra