Unicolor Tights as Base of Holiday Costumes

In the group it's much more quiet recently. Although here we don't really have the habit of sending gifts to families during santa's day, they are busy preparing for Spring festival, or the anime con in spring. Some of them joined the competitions, for 2012.

Zentai suits could be great to play as the second skin for some anime cosplay costumes which have very short skirts, sleeveless, or cosers need to make some swift movements. Per their requests, I have again shared some unicolor skin-tight costumes as base here.

Red Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Yellow Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Collection of Some Good Skin Color Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

My Black Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Earlier I have got a couple of zentai photos stored at an online album, and by accident I got the permission set wrong so it's public. Friends saw that, and surprised. One asked me whether I am doing some behavior shows in that. I told her it's my exercise suit and the hood up is only for fun when took photos. She bought the story. I had one moment thinking directly telling them, but at last I decided to just let it go. People love them will love anyway.


Yellow Fuchsia Rainbow Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Earlier I have fallen in love with a rainbow zentai suit - a tight composed of bright color straps, horizontal lined, which looks just bright and artistic. Later when I tried to inquiry more about this suit, because I wanted to make a small one for my friends'dance show at a party. Then I have found something different.

The rainbow cloth is not only that one color, there's another version available for selection, which is lighter at colors, composed of brown, light brown, yellow, green, and fuchsia colors while the lines are thinner and more assymtrical. I actually even love this one more because it seems more fits with the nature, with the color contrast. I can't wait to share the photo here.
Yellow Fuchsia Rainbow Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

It's by spandex and the unique camouflage is because of the cloth itself, elastic spandex, with all sizes available, and custom tailor for free, as always from them.


Black Batman Spandex Zentai Suits

Maybe it's really already very late to enjoy this movie, Batman 3, The Dark Knight Rises, but I did watch it with families last weekend only. Right after we picked up this really cozy and comfortable sofa set, we no longer go watching movies in the cinema so much - the tv's good enough to show the visual effects - maybe not in the eyes of the pro - but we are very satisfied with what we got.

As a follower of the zentai fashion, I really love the black/dark grey batman costume in this movie. Maybe because of the materials involved, the suit overall gives me the feeling of a battle uniform, which fits my definition for the costumes for superheroes. 
Batman 3 Dark Grey Costume with Golden Waistbelt
Compared with that, the batman spandex zentai suits I got seem really poor. But they are not heavy, expensive, or need my extra attention to take care of them.
Black Shiny Metallic Batman Suit with Red Cloak
This batman suit comes with a red bat at front chest, and red cloak. However, I have confirmed when I tried to buy it, the color's changeable, so I actually customized it using a golden waistband, bat and cloak.


Thick Blue Velvet Zentai Suits for Winter

It's been a while since last time I shared the photo of the orange lycra spandex zentai suit taken on the boat by friend. Late November here, not too cold yet, but if I stay bare feet in house, not comfortable touching the floor. From the zentai perspective, I am happy for this, as I could wear the thick blue velvet zentai suit at home, and even for sleepwear.

Different from the shiny metallic or the spandex suits, which are very thin and elastic, the velvet suits are made for winter, in my collection. It's not the thin type silk suit either, although some sellers often mix them together. The surface of the suit comes with very very tiny furs, and it's a different kind of comfort to feel it by hands. I made my suit without hood, so it's no problem to sleep in it, and it could keep whole body warm.

Royal Blue Velvet Spandex Zentai Suits
I really love how the blue looks with this kind of cloth material, reminding me of the beautiful diamond. The pity is it's too hot to wear in summer. There are other colors available too, but black for this kind of cloth may feel a little bit dim. I may get an orange or red one later.


Orange Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Ordered an orange lycra spandex zentai suit, and arrived last weekend. But I don't get any minute to take a look yet. After whole day's work and 3-4 hours overtime, I am exhausted and drained.

Recently one of my colleagues wanted to take the job opportunity from one of her families, which seems better as that comes with some share of the profits every year. However, the point is, she needed to propose that three months before she wants to leave, because she's in the middle of a project now, and she missed the time. She agreed to take the new job on Oct 1st, and only brought this up at beginning of September.

After some talks, boss permitted her leaving, while asked her to work one more month, which is October, as part time during her leisure time, to meet the time span, and she agreed. However, she failed to do so - a lot of things at the beginning of a new job, generally.

This explains why I am not writing so much these days. I have to spend extra time on this to wrap this up, and make the project finish as scheduled.

I don't want to complain and it's life. Sometimes things go not as planned or as how we pictured them to be. It's just a pity that I can't play with the new suits I got. It's winter and share a photo of orange spandex zentai suits , warm color for cold weather.
Orange Lycra Spandex Zentai Suit
Besides the suit, it's also a perfect example of how the sailor style uniform could work together with tights, and create funs. If you notice, the background's a river, and it's taken at a small boat.


Red Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

It's getting colder and colder here, and I begin to enjoy the warmth of sweaters. Two of my friends, after a few years of dating, finally decide to go into the wedding life. I was asked to help them at photos taking - not those taken at the party, but before that arranged by the photographers. It's sort of popular here, and they do makeup, wear the wedding dress or formal dresses they picked and take photos at a beautiful scene outside.
I have a good camera so besides the professionals, we could also take some pictures at more random poses.

I really wish I could wear a red lycra spandex zentai suit, then take photos with them, when they asked me about it :)

Red Lycra Spandex Zentai Suits

Share some photos of the dark red spandex tights, with tight gingham short skirt, sitting at the green lawn besides a riverbank. Do you like this wig more? The hair's longer and feels soft.
Getting rid of the high heel shoes and feel the soft and fresh grass, reminding me of the childhood at countryside, when I could feel the soil with my bare feet.

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Athena Girl - Cosplay for Fun at Underground

Recently the discussions about the cosplay is hot, and some people not only interested in doing that at the anime cons, or use that as a way to show our passion for certain movies, but also insert them into our general daily life. My idea is, as long as it means something for the coser, or role player, and it doesn't influence others' living, it's not an issue for me. Actually I also enjoy to see people like this, and appreciate their cosplay with costume and accessories.
Godess Athena by a Girl at Underground
Recently a tall girl, looking like a teenager, showed us at the underground, where there's large traffic everyday, in the all white floor-length dress, purple long hair, and a golden sceptor, and claims herself to be Athena. I am not familiar with the original appearance of where the coser's following from, but the dress made of tulle, and the long stick, shows that she's not unprofessional at least. I especially love the purple long wig she's wearing.
Cosplay of Godness Athena by White Dress, Purple Hair and Golden Sceptor
There's some news commenting that they just wanted to earn the fame by things like this, but no clear proof for that. I wish they are just doing it for the love of cosplay. Also even if they are just for show, we could choose whether to take it that way. What's interesting is, when something like this happens, the press always reports it, which actually gives others the chance to copy and do similar things in different place and cosplay costumes.

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